Tartan Talks

Spirit of the Scots

Episode Summary

Edinboro University – home of the Fighting Scots. But why? The original Edinboro establishment was surveyed by Scotsman and Williamsport native William Culbertson and Alexander Hamilton (no, not THAT Alexander Hamilton, but a 3rd cousin) surveyed the area in 1796, with Culbertson returning the following year to settle around Lake Conneauttee – a Native American name meaning “Land of the Living Snowflake.” According to Russell Vance’s “A Portrait of Edinboro,” Edinboro was originally called “Washington,” after General (and later President) George Washington, who defeated French troops at Presque Isle and LeBeouf. But Culbertson’s wife, nicknamed Granny Randolph, noted that there was already a Washington, Pa., and suggested “Edinboro,” after Edinburgh, Scotland, the home of William’s ancestors. We sat down with Edinboro professor Dr. Tim Thompson to chat about our Scottish roots and the upcoming Highland Games & Scottish Festival this month.